Hosting Drupal

Permanent protection and support 24x7 for Drupal including.

Hosting Drupal de BrcastConnect is the lodging alternative Web especially thought to lodge the developed projects Web in this powerful CMS. The plans of Hosting Drupal have optimized servers SSD so that the lodged Drupal Webs in them work of faster and safe way than in hosting conventional.

The plans of Hosting Drupal count on the endorsement of the equipment of technical support of BrcastConnect the 24 of the day 7 days of the week, that will help you with your project whenever you need it. That nothing stops your Web Drupal!

Table of prices

*25% Discount for new hirings. Registry of domain free in annual hiring. The cost of the domain will not be able to exceed 9,99‚¬. IVA not including

Advantages of the Hosting Drupal de BrcastConnect

Drupal servers

The plans Hosting Drupal are lodged in Servers with discs SSD, that are up to 100 times faster than traditional discs.

Drupal in 1 click

With Hosting Drupal you will be able to install the application from the Control Panel and to begin to create your Web without complications and in a few minutes.

Domain including

With the plans Hosting Drupal free take the registry to you of a domain. Price nonsuperior to 9,99‚¬ and hiring in annual modality.

Backups daily

Daily backup copy of your Drupal project including. Unloading and recovers backup of your Web Drupal whenever you need it.

Automatic cleaning

All plans of hosting Drupal include the service of cleaning free and I patch automatic. Your Web Drupal to total yield!

Limitless traffic

Forget to you the falls of Web by traffic of visits. All the plans of hosting Drupal de BrcastConnect count on limitless traffic.

Accounts of mail

On the plans of hosting Drupal de BrcastConnect you will count on mailboxes of professional mail so that nothing  re your communication via email.

Drupal support 24x7

The equipment of technical support of BrcastConnect is available through ticket, chat and telephone to help you with your hosting Drupal.

Spanish IP

All the servers of BrcastConnect are lodged in their own CPD in Spain. Your Web Drupal with Spanish IP to improve its positioning.

Gratuitous discharge

See you BrcastConnect and begins to enjoy your Hosting Drupal in BrcastConnect of automatic way. Without discharge cost.


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Registry of domain gratis*





Hosting of domains




Disc space




Discs SSD

Daily Backup

Let's Encrypt

Limitless traffic

Mailboxes of mail






Cleaning and I patch automatic


Permissions .htaccess

Administration of files

Management DNS

Statistics of access

Drupal support 24x7

To contract

To contract

To contract

It completes your Hosting Drupal


The users realise more purchases in the Webs that have certificate SSL. Contract yours!



Forget ciberataques and the threats to you. Pon out of danger all your information in 1 click



It communicates to all clients the advantages of your new project through professional mail



Office 365 and disp³n of all tools of daily work chooses where you want



Why to choose hosting Drupal?
If Drupal is the chosen CMS to develop your Web, or if you already have a project created in him, the plans of hosting Drupal de BrcastConnect are the perfect option of lodging. Servers SSD of BrcastConnect are optimized for this CMS which causes that your Web can turns beneficiary in a matter of speed and of security. Extraction all the party to your lodging!
What plan of hosting Drupal is the one that I need?
Before choosing anyone of the plans of Hosting Drupal you must know which are the technical characteristics of your project since it is fundamental to pour off you by some of the plans. The disc space that you will need, the number of limitless mailboxes of correoson, but the number of domains that can lodge depends on the plan that is chosen. In case you choose a plan of hosting Drupal and this one remains short of resources you will be able to change to a plan superior without no problem.
Need my does plan hosting Drupal a certificate SSL?
It is not obligatory to have installed a certificate SSL in your Web Drupal so that this one can work, but that is very recommendable to count on one. The reason? Certificates SSL assure a free navigation dangers within your Web, something that is perceived by the users and compensated since, the Webs with certificate SSL have a rate of conversion higher than those than no. In addition, Google awards to those Webs with certificate and them help to position itself better in the results search of the users.
They include the plans of hosting Drupal backup copy?
Yes. All the plans of hosting Drupal de BrcastConnect count on automated backup copy.
They tell to the plans of hosting Drupal with support 24x7 in Spanish?
, Yes clear that yes. All the plans of hosting limitless Drupal de BrcastConnect count on technical support the 24 hours of the day the 7 days of the week. You will count on the attendance of our system adiniatrators the 365 days of the year.
*Espacio limitless. In order to guarantee an optimal service to our clients, as safety measure, the initial disc space is limited 50 GB and the one of the mailboxes of mail to 10 GB, space that will be extended automatically without cost some. You can consult the general conditions of limitless space here.

** Domains free. Registry of domain free for new hirings in annual modality or biennial. Maximum cost of the domain 9,99‚¬ (imposed not including).