With Administered servers VPS of BrcastConnect you will be able to lodge all webpages and applications on a platform of last generation. With limitless domains, guaranteed resources, burglaryable and without overselling. Contract your Servant VPS Administered with guarantee of reimbursement of 30 days.

Support 24x7


Administered *VPS Linux: 50% Discount for new hirings in quarterly or annual modality.

Administered *VPS Windows: 20% Discount for new hirings in annual modality

valid *Precios for annual hiring. IVA not including

With WordPress Toolkit including

It manages all sites from a single interface
it shoots with an arrow


- Easy Installation. With a single click your WordPress will be installed and ready so that you begin to work with him. Without more complications!

- Protection. If you need a greater protection for your main surroundings protects them with password and you do not leave any intruder accedes to them.

- Remote migration of surroundings. Thanks to Toolkit it migrates of automatic way a WordPress project and in seconds he will be ready and working completely.

- Cloning of surroundings. It clones your project and it creates development surroundings where to realise tests and changes before publishing them in your final Web.


- Synchronization of data. It synchronizes all lodged WordPress surroundings in a same servant with a single click from WordPress Toolkit.

- Purification of surroundings. It manages the purification of all the surroundings of your websites with of a single time with WordPress Toolkit.

- Indexing. The web search engines will quickly locate all sites thanks to the easy indexing that offers WordPress Toolkit.

- Protection. If you want that your surroundings of tests are not within reach of anyone protects them with password.


- Management of sites. WordPress Toolkit allows to administer your websites you, including the security and the version of each Web, from a same interface.

- Way maintenance. It updates all sites of a single time thanks to the centralized panel of WordPress Toolkit.

- Management of plugins and subjects. It manages of centralized form all the plugins and subjects of your sites with WordPress Toolkit.

- Automatic updates. It realises updates of general form in all the sites or only selects what you need at every moment.

Advantages of the Administered VPS

Escalables servers

If it remains small, your virtual servant climbs according to your needs easily and totally automatic, and pays only the proportional part.

Last technology

Our infrastructure owns the best solutions of the market: hardware of last generation (servers HP and Dell) and the best virtual platform.

Immediate and gratuitous discharge

We did not receive anything to you by the discharge. Once you finalize the hiring and you realise the corresponding payment you will have your servant of instantaneous form.

Without overselling

In order to maintain an optimal yield in our services cloud we only lodged a maximum number of virtual machines in each servant.

Limitless domains

It lodges all the domains that you need DES your webpages and applications in your virtual servant and only worries to you to create your projects.

Own datacenter

We own our own datacenter. A modern CPD with connection to Internet and resulted feeding, and a SLA of 99.85%.

VPS Administered with Support 24x7 forget to you the problems!

Be not worried of the administration of the VPS and the systems to you. The virtual servers of BrcastConnect count on administration including. You will have the operating system and always up-to-date Control Panel. Your Virtual Servant VPS administered by experts. In addition, all our plans and services count on technical support the 24 hours of the day the 7 days of the week.


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Administration including


1 GB Linux | 2 GB Windows

4 GB

6 GB


1 Core Linux | the 2 Cores Windows

the 2 Cores Linux | the 4 Cores Windows

the 4 Cores Linux | the 6 Cores Windows

Disc space

20 GB Linux | 50 GB Windows

50 GB Linux | 100 GB Windows

100 GB Linux | 150 GB Windows

Discs SSD

Limitless traffic

Direction IP

1 IP

1 IP

1 IP

Plesk Onyx

10 domains

10 domains

10 domains

Control Panel

WordPress Toolkit

Immediate discharge

PHP 5,4, 5,5, 5,6 and 7.0

Perl. Python

Support Let's Encrypt

Statistic of access

Permissions .htaccess

Administration of files

Management DNS

Statistics of access

GIT support

Support DOCKER

Management multiservant

Escalables plans

Support 24x7

Telephone, chat and ticket

Telephone, chat and ticket

Telephone, chat and ticket





It completes your Administered VPS


10 GB space and Encryption 256 bits by only 4,95‚¬



It protects your pages before any threat with SiteLock



Show to him the users who your Web is safe and increases your conversions



It registers your brand in Internet with the extensions that agree to you more



What is a virtual servant VPS?
A virtual servant VPS (Virtual Server Prevails to you) is a system by means of which a physical servant is particionado in several virtual servers. The VPS has major power and resources that hosting shared reason why especially is indicated to lodge projects Web or applications of software, allowing the access to several users. The VPS count on own resources as they are space of storage, ram memory, yield of processors, operating system based on Linux or Windows€¦
Why are projects indicated a VPS?
Servers VPS of BrcastConnect are indicated for those projects as webpages medians, agencies and/or webstudios. Really, to all those companies or people who in their daily work work or manage several webpages. Virtual Servers VPS of BrcastConnect are one of the best options of the market for projects of facilities of telephony, programs or data bases, and even mail servers.
What Operating system can contract in the VPS of BrcastConnect?
The VPS of BrcastConnect are available as much for Linux (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu) as for Windows 2008/2012 server. If your VPS needs an operating system different from the offered ones you can contact with our commercial equipment.
What applications I can install in my VPS?
All that you want or you need! You will have access root to your servant (administrator in case of Windows) reason why will have total freedom to install your own applications.
Include the VPS of BrcastConnect does the migration from other suppliers?
If you have contracted the administration of the VPS we will be in charge to migrate your Webs and applications from another supplier to your new VPS.
How many domains, data bases or accounts of mail I can lodge in my VPS?
The VPS of BrcastConnect do not have limit of as far as the amount of domains, accounts of e-mail, data base or any other type of user. The limits of their VPS mark them the assigned resources the machine. Shelp in other words, the resources contracted in its plan. If you have doubts of what VPS plan is the one that better adapts to your project you do not doubt in putting to you with our commercial equipment in touch.
Be changed to a plan VPS can superior in BrcastConnect?
Yes. Whenever you need it you will be able to extend the plan of your VPS. From the client panel you will be able at any time to extend the resources of your VPS without for that reason for the service.
What technical knowledge I need to manage my VPS?
In order to manage your VPS you will need some minimum knowledge on lodging Web. The management is very simple thanks to the fact that the Control Panel used in BrcastConnect counts on an interface very intuitive and easy to use. If you wish it, you can contract the administration of your servant by 30‚¬ the month. If these interested contact with our commercial department.
I have the possibility of realising backup copies for my virtual servers in Windows and Linux?
Yes, you have the possibility of making copy of servers VPS from the Control Panel of client. If you wish it, you can contract of additional way daily or weekly backup copies. For it contacts with our commercial department.
Where lodged are the VPS of BrcastConnect?
In BrcastConnect we counted on a center of data processing (CPD) own. All the network and infrastructure of servers of BrcastConnect are you result to assure the greater availability on watch.
Be tried can a servant VPS with BrcastConnect?
Yes. Of gratuitous way you can prove during 7 days our VPS and convince to you by same you of the advantages to have a virtual servant VPS with BrcastConnect.
They tell to servers VPS with support 24x7?
, Yes clear that yes. All our servers VPS, as much Linux as Windows, have attention and technical support the 24 hours of the day the 7 days of the week. Our system adiniatrators, professionals with years of experience in the administration of servers, will be available the 365 days of the year to assure that his servant works correctly and of optimal way, so that nothing fails in the lodging of its projects Web.