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The .com domain is the most popular extension in Internet with approximately 100 million registries. A safe bet for the brands and companies that want to prevail in Internet and to position themselves in finders.


1 year

7,95 ‚¬

2 years

15,90 ‚¬

3 years

23,85 ‚¬

5 years

39,75 ‚¬

10 years

79,50 ‚¬


9,95 ‚¬

Characteristics of the domain .com

Time of registry available 1 year | 2 years | 3 years | 4 years | 5 years | 6 years | 7 years | 8 years | 9 years | 10 years

Length of domain the .com domain can have an extension among 2 and 63 characters, including numbers and scripts.

Renovation Can renew before it arrives at his expiration date. You can activate the automatic renovation from the Control Panel.

Transfer to transfer a .com domain is necessary that it is unblocked. In addition, you need authcode and to accept the email that you will receive in the account of the administrative contact.

Changes in the ownership of the domain Are necessary that the changes are accepted by the present holder and the new one (even concerning the same person). Once changed it will be necessary to hope 60 days to return to realise another modification.

Modification of DNS Is immediate. The propagation by the network usually takes of 6 to 12 hours, reason why in this time it is possible that it continues aiming at the previous ones.

Technical requirements the .com domain does not present of any technical necessity for its registry.

Liberation the .com domain is free for its purchase approximately to the 60 days after to have concluded its period of registry.