Domain .cat

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Domain .cat | The Catalan domain

The domain .cat corresponds to the extension of Catalonia and especially is directed to the Catalan community that shares language, culture, social and economic space.
The extension .cat was sent in 2005 and has as requirement that the pages or projects that lodge under .cat must be in Catalan language or have relation with this culture.


Characteristics of the domain .cat

Time of registry available 1 year | 2 years | 5 years | 10 years

Length of domain the domain .cat can have an extension among 3 and 63 characters, including numbers and scripts.

Renovation Can renew before it arrives at his expiration date. You can activate the automatic renovation from the Control Panel.

Residence is not necessary to reside in Catalonia to be able to make use of the extension of domain .cat, but that is necessary that the lodged projects low east domain have relation with the language and/or Catalan culture.

Changes in the ownership of the domain the domains .cat do not have special requirements to modify the contact.

Modification of DNS Its change is immediate, but it is necessary to consider that the propagation by the network can take between 6 and 12 hours.

Technical requirements the domain .cat does not need any technical requirement for its registry.

Liberation the domain .cat is available between the 60 or 80 days of to have finished its period of registry.