BrcastConnect is born in 1996 in order to offer lodging Web, centering our services in the registry of domains, hosting shared, dedicated servers and cloud. The human equipment of BrcastConnect is our main competitive advantage and what it differentiates to us from the great companies of hosting; a professional, highly qualified group and jeopardizes with the complete satisfaction of its clients. At the moment we counted on more than 50,000 managed domains of clients distributed by everybody.

Our values


To offer solutions of lodging in Internet with a technical support in Castilian specialized and of quality to guarantee the best operation


To innovate continuously to foment the growth, always starting off of the satisfaction of our clients to manage to turn us into a referring company of hosting of the sector

Fundamental principles

In BrcastConnect we always worked under three basic principles:

Overcoming Our work concentrates in which all our clients totally are satisfied. The constant improvements and maintenance of our infrastructure, as well as the permanent innovation in our services turns to BrcastConnect into one of the best solutions of lodging Web of the present panorama.

Cooperation €œIf you only walk, you will arrive faster; If you walk accompanied, you will arrive more far€. In BrcastConnect we are convinced that the work in equipment and the union of synergies is the best form to grow and to offer the best service. The works that gratifican to us more are in that we take part all, including our clients.

Transparency Which you see is what there is. The clarity and transparency with our clients are a fundamental point in BrcastConnect. Without small letter and ambiguous interpretations. The honesty with our services and attention to the clients causes that we can receive his feedback and we can continue growing and improving day day.

Infrastructure and Hardware

In BrcastConnect we counted on the last technologies, present equipment and the best certifications. We have a commitment with our clients to adopt new technologies, and to maintain the infrastructure always updated and modernized of our own Datacenter, managed by our highly qualified certificate and system adiniatrators in the brands leaders of the sector. We have highly qualified system adiniatrators that manage all our infrastructure personally. In addition, we only worked with manufacturers with whom we have years of experience, and mainly confidence in his products and the support that offer.


All the servers count on systems multiprocessor with Intel processors, preparations and optimized for virtualized infrastructures and Cloud surroundings.


Elements of network Cisco with exit to Internet resulted by routers in high availability and several suppliers of connectivity that guarantee the service.


We work with cabins NetApp and staff, with double active-active controller, discs SAS of 15k rpm and discs fiberchannel in configuration Rhelp DP and Rhelp 6.

Security of the Network

Infrastructure network protected by systems Fortigate with firewall, system of detection and prevention of intrusions and oriented attacks to refusal on watch.

Datacenter in Spain

We offer our services services of hosting and cloud in our own Data center. A modern and advanced CPD within the area of the CPDs of proximity of the Global Operator of Telecommunications ONO, located in the periphery of Valencia in an area surrounded by technological companies.

SLA guarantee We guaranteed an availability of network of the service of 99.85%.

High availability Uninterrupted Feeding. Our datacenter has an own center of transformation, with superfluous infrastructure of two 630 transforming of Kva each.

Security Cameras CCTV in outside and interior with digital recording of images, control of accesses by card readers by proximity and physical security the 24 hours.

Superfluous connectivity Service of connection to Internet resulted by means of the use and management of several routers for the access and interconnection by different balanced physical lines.

Protection against fires ionic Detectors, in ground and ceiling, systems of extinction by HFC227a agents that guarantees the data, network of BIAS BINDING distributed by the corridors and detectors of flood.

Environmental control Refrigeration. Average temperature between 20ºC ± humidity 1.5ºC and control 50% ± 10ºC. Conditionned technical rooms with divided teams of condensation by air and humidifier of the atmosphere.

Certifications and Partners

In we are certificates and we are partners of the brands leaders of our sector to be able to offer the best services, always offering products and solutions which we trusted.