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Differences between Blogger and WordPress
16 January, 2018

Domains and copyright of content

domains and copyright of content - domitienda

domains and copyright of content - domitienda

Domains and copyright of content - domitienda

Google receives every week and nothing nothing else less than two million requests on the part of the proprietors so that the company eliminates those sites that infringe the author rights. During the first week of November, Google received a total of 1.98 million requests, a absolutely crazy number.

It was in August of 2012 when Google announced a change in its algorithm that would penalize those domains that infringed the author rights somehow. It was a point of flexion for websites and blogs worldwide. But, nowadays, more than five years later, it is easy to find many domains with duplicated content.

It is important to consider the domains with copyright, as well as those domains with duplicated content.

What is the copyright

The copyright means that a certain work is subject to the author right. It is denominated right of author to a set of norms that establish the patrimonial Morales rights and. At the time of registering a new domain, it is worth the trouble to consider the copyright to avoid legal problems and penalties on the part of Google.

Right what of author have the content of a webpage

The author of a website is the holder of the author right from the same moment of his creation. Therefore, it is not far from it obligatory nor necessary to register the site in any type of registry to be able to enjoy right saying. Although it is not an obligatory proceeding, exist a series of formalities that can helpful be. So it is the case of the Registry of Intellectual Property.

However, he presents a pair of problems. On the one hand, from the economic point of view, he has a certain cost, and on the other, only he limits himself the national scope.

Once this point is clear, is worth the trouble to consider that in a website considers elements protection object everything what comprises of the same: videos, sounds, icons, logo, graphs, content in format text€¦

The content of author right is divided in two great categories: patrimonial rights and Morales.

Morales rights

They are those personal rights.

  • Straight of spreading: it grants to the author of a website the freedom to decide if it publishes or not its work.
  • Straight of paternity: he is that one that allows to demand the recognition as author of the work.
  • Straight of revelation and concealment: the author has total freedom to decide if she wants to send the website with his name or anonymously.
  • Straight of integrity: he knows himself as so which he prevents to modify in form some the website, so that he harms the reputation of his author.

Patrimonial rights

Between the patrimonial rights we can find:

  • Straight of reproduction: it dictates that to reproduce or to plagiarize any element of the website without permission of the author he is illegal.
  • Straight of distribution: it allows to put at the disposal of the public the original work, or a copy of the same.

Copyright, Copyleft or Public Dominio?

A situation that occurs very frequently in Internet is the one of websites and blogs that use images that have found in the network. In many occasions these archives multimedia have license of Copyright and, therefore, the proprietors of these websites and blogs are themselves forced to retire them. The great majority of times, the use of images of other authors does not have badness absolutely some, but it is certain that every time a more inadequate use is made of them.


In Spain Law of Intellectual Property exists what is called, which is extremely restrictive since it indicates that only and exclusively the author of the work can make use of her. Therefore, third people cannot modify nor plagiarize the same; if they wish to do it, a certain economic amount must pay to the material author of this work.

The rights of the work extend up to 70 years after the death of the author, according to the Spanish legislation. Once passed this period of time, it happens to be of public domain and, therefore, it can make use of her who therefore wishes it.


One is a license less restrictive than the previous one; the author of a determined work has total freedom to decide if she wishes or not to yield some of the rights of the same. Thus, the author has a great selection of options to decree how she wishes that its work is used.

Everything what spreads under the Copyleft license is to total disposition of later users, who can copy and/or modify the work at issue.

Public domain

The less restrictive license of all. The author of a determined work can decide that this one pass to be of public domain, resigning this way the Copyrigth. Thus, the users can adapt, translate or modify the work at issue without needing requesting no type of permission.

How one lets know if a Web is copying my content?

If you have detected that a website is copying contained of your corporative website, first that you must do it is to try to put to you with the proprietor of the site in touch that has plagiarized to you; perhaps simply he committed a mistake.

Considering that is a company website, if you do not receive answer, the best thing is than you put the subject into the hands of a specialistic lawyer in digital subjects.

Tools to verify copied content

When we spoke of copied content, or duplicate, we talked about to fragments of content in different domains that keep a certain similarity. One is at the moment one of the actions that Google penalizes with greater hardness, so that it can affect of very negative form to the SEO. These are some of the tools that the pain deserves to consider to detect copied content.

  • Copyscape: one of the best platforms in Internet to detect plagiarized content. It is enough with introducing the domain Web to verify it.
  • Plagium: a recommendable to verify if the content is or not copied website 100%. In addition to introducing domains, also it allows to even analyze text and archives.
  • Duplihecker: a British website and is very used mainly in the academic scope.

If you wish to know more on the domains, in Axarnet we will be enchanted to take care of to you. We dedicated to the transfer and registry of domains, rendering the maximum attention to the effective legislation.

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