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As knowing if my domain is in a black list of Spam
9 January, 2018
domains and copyright of content - domitienda
Domains and copyright of content
23 January, 2018

Differences between Blogger and WordPress

differences to blogger wordpress - domitienda

differences to blogger wordpress - domitienda

Differences between Blogger and WordPress - domitienda

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular platforms worldwide. Next we are going to see of what each of them consists, and which are the differences between more significant Blogger and WordPress.

How work does Blogger?

Blogger is a gratuitous service in the cloud created by Pyra Labs, acquired later by Google, in 2003. Therefore, to create a blog in Blogger is extremely simple; the differences are minimum with respect to the creation of an account in other services of Google, as Gmail.

In Blogger, once registered the blog, the URL by defect of the same is €œ€. Whether it is a personal blog as corporative, much more turns out recommendable to bet by an own domain in blogspot or to blogger, as much facing the users, as to Google (thinking about the positioning.)

How work does WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS, (system of management of contents), and allows the creation of all type of websites, stores even online. At the moment it is the platform of blogs more used worldwide; more of 25% from the websites at global level they are created with WordPress.

In spite of the infinity of options that offers to the users, WordPress is very simple to use. A very intuitive Control Panel from which you have access to all type of tools: Widgets, Subjects, To create new entrance in the Blog, To raise to archives multimedia, and a long list of others.

To whom it goes directed Blogger and to whom WordPress

WordPress offers a world of possibilities to create websites: personal or corporative blogs, stores online, sites€¦ Therefore, if we asked ourselves whom goes directed WordPress, the answer is very simple: all type of users and companies. He is worth and the trouble much to bet by an own domain in WordPress.

However, Blogger rather is limited personal blogs and websites or blogs of small businesses. It is a platform limited enough as far as personalisation options.

Therefore, if you are a company that wants to create a website or a corporative blog, we recommended to you that you bet by WordPress. But, if you are a user Nobel who wants to create a personal blog on a certain subject, perhaps Blogger is better option.

Advantages and disadvantages of each

If we compared WordPress VERSUS Blogger, we have to do the differences of each of these platforms.

WordPress presents very interesting advantages. It is a CMS of open code that offers infinite possibilities of personalisation thanks to the Plugins and to the Widgets. In addition, responsive is 100% and is very easy to use.

As far as the advantages of the Blogger, most important of all it is that to create a website in the platform it is a very fast and simple process; ideal for nascent. In addition, to the being property of Google, if beams the things good, are relatively easy to secure a good positioning in the finder.

Clear that also it is necessary to consider the disadvantages of Blogger: the personalisation possibilities are little.

Blogger VERSUS WordPress

Concerning conclusion, the certain thing is that a platform better does not exist than the other. Both are different and, therefore, they are directed to different public. Based on the advantages and differences that we have indicated, certainly you are able to make the correct decision envelope what platform to use to create your website.

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