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2 January, 2018
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As knowing if my domain is in a black list of Spam

as knowing if my domain this in one lists Spam black - domitienda

as knowing if my domain this in one lists Spam black - domitienda

As knowing if my domain is in a black list of Spam - domitienda

In the enterprise world he is very habitual to listen to expressions as €œI am in a black list Spam€. Then, one is a list in that registers those directions IP of servers who have sent Spam via e-mail of massive way.

What is the Spam?

The ready Spam is that one in which are all the directions IP that have realised of continued form practical of Spam through corporative e-mail. The problem arises when a mail happens to comprise of a black list of Spam without the propietary company of the same is conscious of it.

In that case, the servant of e-mail of his contacts, detects his messages as a dangerous IP. Thus, shelp emails they are stored or in folder Spam of the e-mail of the adressees; or, in the worse one of the cases, never they arrive at its destiny.

Why I am in black list Spam?

To happen to comprise of this list can happen by several reasons. Some of them are:

Usuary determining denounces the IP and the company in charge of the elaboration of the black list determines that indeed this direction has sent Spam of indiscriminate form.

Through known as €œpost office the trap€, this type of post office the companies send them that make the black list and are in the hope that the not asked for companies send emails to them.

The reasons for which it is had to you including in a black list of Spam are many. One of most habitual in the corporative surroundings is that some of the equipment in the network is infected with some software that sends publicity via e-mail continuously.

Another one of the reasons so that the mail is in black list of Spam is that the email direction has been hackeada. A hacker has found out the password of the e-mail and it has used it to send Spam.

The companies that are in charge to make black list Spam rarely introduce email addresses by email. Therefore, if you are in this list, almost with total security your e-mail has been used to send emails of massive form, or with or without intention.

Where I find out if I am in a list of Spam?

Clear that, you will be wondering yourself if I am in black list of Spam. Then, this is very simple to find out. In Internet you can find a great selection of platforms in which you can verify if your IP is in black list Spam.

One of the sites of greater confidence in the one than you can verify it is MxToolbox. Simply you must introduce your direction IP or domain. Thus, in a matter of seconds you will find out if you are or not in black list Spam.

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