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26 December, 2017
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Best plugins of Page Builder for WordPress

Best plugins of Page Builder for WordPress - domitienda

WordPress is the most popular CMS of the world. If you are also interested in contracting a Hosting WordPress for your website or corporative blog, in BrcastConnect we must much offer to you, with permanent protection including.

One of the main functions of WordPress has to do with its predetermined publisher, Live Composer, who allows to create all type of platforms Web. Clear that they also exist another Page Builder WordPress that can be installed of fast and simple way, and which they offer a greater number of options.

Line of vision Composer Page Builder WordPress

Composer line of vision is one of best plugins for WordPress and most popular at world-wide level; esteem that is installed in than 250,000 sites created more with WordPress.

Its main advantage is that it offers an ample fan of extensions; it allows to insert nothing else and nothing less than 45 elements.

Composer line of vision has two edit modes. On the one hand, front-end; and, on the other hand, back-end. In both cases the operation of plugin is very simple since simply it is necessary to select the element and to drag it until the zone of the website in which it is wanted to place.

The users indicate that plugin is fantastic to obtain that the website has a professional aspect of a form very fast and easy.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

He is one of plugins Page Builder used in WordPress for a simple reason more: it allows to publish in visual way of direct form on the website. That is to say, at the same time as the users create their site can be seeing how it is being, which supposes a great saving of time.

The elements of this plugin are based on widget. It incorporates in addition a €œFile€ in which the users can consult in real time all the changes that realise in the publisher.  SiteOrigin Page Builder is completely gratuitous, which is a great point to consider.

The users indicate that he is the most comfortable publisher to use because the results in real time can be seen or works on the own website or blog.

Awesome Builder

Another Page Builder WordPress that is worth the trouble to consider. The catalogue of elements includes a total of 25 gadgets. One of the main advantages that contribute to the users is that it allows to separately structure the content for the different screens: PC, tablets and devices. Something fundamental at the moment since every time they are plus the users who sail by Internet from their movable devices.

The publisher has a virtual grid, which turns out helpful to correctly maquetar the structure of the website or blog.

As far as the opinion of the users, these indicate that it is a Page very dynamic Builder to insert elements in movement.

If you want to create a website or professional corporative blog with the minimum effort, in BrcastConnect we offer a very interesting plan to you, that includes Web and corporative e-mail. Hundreds of groups available and a world of possibilities to your reach.


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