23 January, 2018
domains and copyright of content - domitienda

Domains and copyright of content

Google receives every week and nothing nothing else less than two million requests on the part of the proprietors so that the company eliminates those sites that infringe the author rights.
16 January, 2018
differences to blogger wordpress - domitienda

Differences between Blogger and WordPress

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular platforms worldwide. Next we are going to see in what each of them consists, [€¦]
9 January, 2018
as knowing if my domain this in one lists Spam black - domitienda

As knowing if my domain is in a black list of Spam

In the enterprise world he is very habitual to listen to expressions as €œI am in a black list Spam€. Then, one is a list in which [€¦]
2 January, 2018

Best plugins of Page Builder for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS of the world. If you are also interested in contracting to a Hosting WordPress for your website or corporative blog, in [€¦]
26 December, 2017
asp or php - domitienda

ASP Versus PHP

At the time of programming computer science software or applications, the fundamental first step is to select the programming language. At the moment two exist that is very [€¦]
19 December, 2017
gmail with own domain - domitienda

To form Gmail with own domain

From BrcastConnect, suppliers of Hosting and Dominios in Spain, we want to speak to you on as forming a gmail with own domain. Gmail is the service of e-mail [€¦]
12 December, 2017
traceroute Windows linux mac - domitienda

Traceroute in Windows, Linux and MAC

From DomiTienda, suppliers of hostings and domains in Spain, we want to explain to you why it serves traceroute, and how to use it following the operating system. What is [€¦]
5 December, 2017
types of domain - domitienda

Types of domain

The great majority of us we are in touch continuous with several types of domains; whenever we accede to a certain website we do it to traverse [€¦]
28 November, 2017
to install wordpress in mac - domitienda

To install WordPress in mac

From BrcastConnect we want step by step to explain to you how to install Worpress in Mac. Surely you will know that, WordPress is the most popular CMS of the world. A system of [€¦]
21 November, 2017

Gratuitous servers smtp

A servant smtp (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send messages of e-mail between servers. In order to really understand of what we spoke when we talked about [€¦]
14 November, 2017
wordpress versus joomla - domitienda

WordPress versus Joomla

In the heat of 21st century, practically all the companies count on a corporative website. At the time of developing it,] is important to choose the manager of [correctly€¦
7 November, 2017

10 advice to make a webpage

At the moment, practically all the companies count on their own website, independent of the fact that its activity turns or not around Internet. Clear that so that a website works and offers a good experience to the users, it is important to know how how to make webpages.
31 October, 2017

How to migrate a domain step by step

As much companies as particular have seen in some occasion the necessity to change of domain. In the case of a company, it can happen that with the passage of the years this has decided to diversify its business and, therefore, the domain name no longer is representative.
24 October, 2017

3 plugins of contact for WordPress

WordPress is the used CMS worldwide more; esteem that 25% of the websites is created with this platform. In the case of Spain, this percentage is still greater; around 60% of the websites created with some type of CMS, they have been conceived with WordPress.
17 October, 2017

To know the data a domain

To know the data a domain is relatively simple in Internet. The certain thing is that it is a very habitual type search. Every day, million users anywhere in the world consult if a certain domain is free or it does not stop to be able to acquire it.
10 October, 2017

Tricks SQL €“ To solve error of servant 18456

In main lines, SQL Server is a relational database management system of Microsoft specifically designed for the enterprise surroundings.
3 October, 2017

What is the car park of domains?

Of main lines, the car park of domains consists of registering a domain in Internet, but one to which use does not occur him.
26 September, 2017

Commandos of Windows Server Core

Windows Server Core as an installation option can be defined that is available in the implementation of Windows Server 2008 and admits the installation of certain functions of servant.
19 September, 2017

What is the DNSSEC?

The identification of the computers in Internet is carried out through the directions IP, which are unique for each equipment. Then, system DNS, in Spanish System of Name of Domain, is the one that is in charge to establish the relation between the names of domain and directions IP.
12 September, 2017

5 plugins of backup for WordPress

WordPress is at the moment the manager of used content more worldwide. Esteem that WordPress almost represents 24% of all the Webs that there are at global level and the platform is translated to a total of 51 languages.