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ASP Versus PHP

asp or php - domitienda

asp or php - domitienda

asp or php - domitienda

At the time of programming computer science software or applications, the fundamental first step is to select the programming language. At the moment two exist that is a very good option: PHP and ASP.


This programming language was created in 1994. In his homes, it was designed only and exclusively with the operating system Linux, although at the moment it is possible to be executed in any type of UNDER.

Advantages of PHP

The main advantages of PHP are:

  • Free language and of open code.
  • It is a programming language very simple to learn and to handle.

Disadvantages of PHP

The disadvantages or disadvantages of the PHP are:

  • In order to be able to verify the final result of the object of the programming he is indispensable to have a Web server that has supported PHP.
  • This language is interpreted in the servant. Therefore, it can collapse if the number of requests increases of exponential form.


ASP is acronym Pages the Active Server; a technology created by Microsoft to work in its operating system. ASP for years it has not been receiving any update. The American company has created to replace it.

Advantages of ASP

The ASP advantages are, mainly the following:

  • Many users show preference for this language, by the reliability that offers the fact that a company as Microsoft is behind her.
  • The atmosphere of is not limited the world Web.

Disadvantages of ASP

We only can emphasize a disadvantage of the ASP, and is that:

  • It is not a language cross-platform.

Differences between PHP and ASP

Next we are going to establish which are the main differences between PHP and ASP:

Open code

One of the main advantages that present PHP is that it is a free language and of open code. Therefore, the users can accede to him of totally gratuitous way, and in addition, he is updated of constant way. However, to program with ASP it is necessary to be in possession of a package of Windows, as well as to disburse a certain monetary amount by the licenses. That yes, although ASP is a language of closed code, yes allows the installation of applications of third parties.


With respect to the programming, in PHP use becomes of a language that keeps great similarities with C and Java; therefore, to dominate it is simple for any programmer. On the other hand ASP uses Visual Basic Script, so that it is very easy for those programmers who have knowledge of Visual Studio.

Data bases

In the programming, the access to the data bases is a question of extreme importance. Practically the 100% of the users who use ASP make use of Access since it is the data base that comes including in the package of Microsoft Office. One of the great advantages of PHP is that it allows to use an ample fan of data bases because allows the access to almost all the platforms available in the market.

 In what servers I can use ASP and in as PHP?

In order to be able to use one of these programming languages, the users need to have a Web server. In relation to ASP, the used servant more it is ISS, although Personal Web server is increasing its popularity to a rate of vertigo.

As far as PHP, the great majority of users they bet by Apache since so much in Windows as in Linux can be used.

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