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12 December, 2017
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To form Gmail with own domain

gmail with own domain - domitienda

gmail with own domain - domitienda

gmail with own domain - domitienda

From BrcastConnect, suppliers of Hosting and Dominios in Spain, we want to speak to you on as forming a gmail with own domain.

Gmail is the service of more popular e-mail of the world, with more than billions of active users to the month. The popularity of Gmail has grown to giant passages in the last years. In 2012 as soon as it surpassed the 425 million active users; and, at the home of 2016, only four years later, it overcame the barrier of the billions.

For a company, it is important to have Gmail with own domain since it contributes more serious and professional the very many image. Unlike which many people create, to create a Gmail mail with own domain is an extremely simple task; this way, the company at issue can as much receive as to send e-mail from its corporative email address.

Still more, if we have the intention to work technical of marketing as important as the email marketing.

How to create Gmail with own domain?

It does not have anything to do to send a message of e-mail with the direction that with the direction. Therefore, we totally recommended to form the Gmail mail with own domain. We explain how step by step to do it next from cPanel.

  1. First of all, from cPanel we accede to our section of e-mail accounts. If we accede to her, we will see that ours hosting recommends a determined configuration to us to modify our email address. Then, this is the information that we are going to use to tie the present account of Gmail to the corporative direction of e-mail.
  2. Next, we accede to Gmail as we do it habitually.
  3. Once our inbox, we entered €œConfiguration€ and, next, in €œAccounts and Import€. Once there, we must locate to the section €œConsultation the mail of other accounts€ and to beat on €œAdds a mail account€.
  4. In the window of yellow color that we will see in the screen we must introduce the information that has provided us hosting previously. The user is the account of Gmail with own domain and, the password, the one that we have created in hosting.
  5. We change to the servant and the port of connection by which the supplier of hosting has facilitated us and accepted.
  6. We again introduce all the data that hosting has given us: user, password, servant and port.
  7. We leave safe connection SSL and we kept.
  8. In order to finalize with the process, we introduce the code of Gmail that we will receive in our e-mail corporative.

A point to consider is that, once realised the process, we followed with our direction of Gmail that we had previously. We will have to establish the predetermined direction of own domain as.

As you can verify, to create Gmail mail with own domain is not a absolutely complicated process. It is necessary to take some steps, but it beams step by step and without jumping nothing to you, you will less than have it ready in 15 minutes. 100% recommendable one for all type of companies and even independent workers since a more professional image is contributed, as much to clients as suppliers and other public. The confidence is a key factor in the enterprise surroundings of the 21st century; and one gains with this type of details.

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