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Types of domain

types of domain - domitienda

types of domain - domitienda

Types of domain - domitienda

The great majority of us we are in touch continuous with several types of domains; whenever we accede to a certain website we do it through his domain.

From DomiTienda, your supplier of Hosting and domains of confidence, we want to explain the difference to you among them.

Before explaining the different types from domain in Internet who exist, we are going to indicate in what parts are divided.

We have on the one hand the domain name, for example miorganizacion; and, on the other hand, the extension of domain, as €œ.com€. Thus, the complete domain is:

How work does a domain?

All the websites have a certain direction IP, as for example (; a very complex number and of which no of us we would remember at the time of acceding to the websites of our interest. Therefore, a domain in the Web server is created where the site is located. Thus, the users only must write in their navigator the domain,, and the same domain is in charge to resend them to the IP at issue to connect them with the Web server, that responds sending to them to the website.

All these jumps occur in a matter of tenth of second.

What types of domains exist in Internet?

The types of domain are divided in three great categories. On the one hand, the generic domains or gTLD (geopraphical Top Level Domain). On the other hand, the territorial domains ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain). And, finally, the domains of third level. We are going to explain each of them.

Domains first level

The generic domains are those that do not adjust to a certain country; they have extensions as .com, net or .org, among others. The .com extension is used at world-wide level; companies and organizations of the five continents make use of her.

The .org extension is destined to NGOs. And, as regards the .net extension one goes to companies that serve related to Internet.

Domains second level

The domains of second level are tie to a country in particular. In the case of Spain, they are those that finalize with the extension .es; .it for Italy, .fr for France€¦

Domains third level

The domains of third level have the same exactly the one of the generic domains, but they have an added territorial identity. Therefore, they are a combination of the domains of first and second level. Generally, in this third group the governmental and educative domains are classified; for example,

Other types of domains

As we have indicated, the domains are classified in three great groups. However, some extensions exist that do not enter within any of them, but who nevertheless are very used by websites worldwide. Some examples of these domains are:

  • .info: it is used in websites whose main objective is the information dissemination.
  • xxx: the own extension of domain of pornographic websites.
  • .travel: touroperadores or travel agencies make use of them.
  • .tv: destined to companies related to the cinema and the television.
  • .edu: exclusive right of universities and other institutions related to the education and the formation.

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