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21 November, 2017
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5 December, 2017

To install WordPress in mac

to install wordpress in mac - domitienda

to install wordpress in mac - domitienda

To install WordPress in mac - domitienda

From BrcastConnect we want step by step to explain to you how to install Worpress in Mac. Surely you will know that, WordPress is the most popular CMS of the world. A system of open code that allows to create from the corporative websites more complexes to the simpler personal blogs. In addition to offering an ample selection of personalisation options, one of its main advantages is the security and the protection Web. Because it is a software Open Source, there are million users anywhere in the world improving continuously the system, mainly as regards this subject.

If you work with WordPress turns out especially recommendable to install the CMS in a local servant, that is to say, your work party. If you want to realise any type of modification in the code, as for example varying something of CSS, having WordPress installed in a local servant is an indispensable requirement.

Next we explained to you how to install WordPress for Mac doing use of MAMP WordPress. The process is not very complex, but there is a series of points to consider. In order to create a local installation of WordPress it is not necessary far from it to be a professional programmer.

How to install WordPress in MAMP step by step

  1. The first step is to accede to the official website of MAMP and to unload the gratuitous version.
  2. Once it finalizes the unloading process, it installs the application, locating it in the folder €œApplications€ of Mac. It installs widget additionally so that it as much turns out to you simpler to execute as to stop the Apache that you have installed.
  3. €œStart Server€ beats and, when you see a small light in green color, it means that already he is all ready one. Next, it selects €œOpen Start Page€.
  4. This way, your navigator will open himself with a welcome page, informing to you of which your local servant Apache and MySQL already are operative.
  5. In the same page of welcome he beats on phpMyAdmin; superior is in the navigation bar. This way, you will accede to a new window in which you are going to create the data base for WordPress. It chooses a name that helps you to identify it and chooses the cotejamiento €œutf8_bin€.
  6. It locates €œCreate New to you Database€ and you write WordPress. Next, it beats on €œCreates to you€.
  7. Soon you must accede to WordPress to unload the version that interests to you to install of WP in Mac. This way, zip will begin the unloading of a file that, when opening it, will become a folder with a great selection of archives that form the habitual structure of WordPress.
  8. It accedes to Applications and it chooses MAMP €“ htdocs. It is there where you must copy the WordPress folder that you have unloaded and decompressed in the previous step.
  9. Within that folder you will find the file wp-config-sample.php. You must change the name, or wp-config.php to him
  10. Finally, simply you must open your navigating Web and accede to the following direction: http://localhost:8888/***/wp-admin/install.php. (€œ***€ is the name with that you have kept the folder).
  11. This way, already you will have your ready blog. At the outset, as it is logical, it will not have content, simply a test post that by defect introduces WordPress.

As you can see, thanks to MAMP, to install WordPress for Mac is not too complicated nor takes a great amount of time.

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