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7 November, 2017
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WordPress versus Joomla

wordpress versus joomla - domitienda

wordpress versus joomla - domitienda

wordpress versus joomla - domitienda

In the heat of 21st century, practically all the companies count on a corporative website. At the time of developing it, it is important to choose the manager of contents correctly. At the moment, two of most powerful of the market are WordPress and Joomla. Both are systems that allow to create very powerful and safe Webs; in addition, both managers of contents can be installed in the own servant of the users. A point to consider is that WordPress and Joomla are software of open code.

WordPress VERSUS Joomla

Next we explained which are the main advantages and disadvantages of both managers of contents. This way, you can value if you prefer WordPress or Joomla at the time of developing your website.

WordPress advantages

  • Personalisation: one of main strength of this manager of content is that it offers a world of possibilities at the time of personalizing a website. An ample fan of almost 40,000 groups and plugins does of WordPress one of the most interesting options.
  • SEO: WordPress, in terms of optimization SEO, does not have rival. The users can make totally gratuitous use of a great selection of plugins SEO to optimize their website; among them, Yoast SEO, the most used of all.

WordPress disadvantages

  • Store online: WordPress offers plugins with which any user can create a store online, as WooCommerce. However, their options enough are limited; for example, the number of articles that allows to hang in the store is reduced. Thus, it is only thought for small electronic commerces.
  • Consumption of resources: this is one of the main disadvantages of WordPress. The manager of contents consumes a great amount of resources.

Joomla advantages

  • Electronic commerce: at the time of creating a store online, Joomla it is a fantastic option since it offers a great selection of options that adapt all type of needs.
  • Support in different languages: this is one of the main advantages that this manager of contents offers. It offers a support in several different languages, for all type of users. A great point to consider in a global world.

Joomla disadvantages

  • SEO: this it is perhaps the main weakness of this CMS. To optimize the website is not as simple as with a site created with WordPress since the options that Joomla offers are smaller.
  • Navigability: Joomla can be a little complicated to use for those inexperienced users. Unlike WordPress, a little costs to take control of the interface.

On which he is better, WordPress is to day of today the unquestionable leader of the different managers from contents that there are in the market. One of its main advantages is that it allows to optimize the websites in terms of SEO of very precise way; a point to consider since the three first results search in Google concentrate 60% of the clicks. Despite you will have to think which adapts more to your needs to pour off you by one or the other option.

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