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10 advice to make a webpage

advice - to make a webpage - domitienda

advice to make a webpage - BrcastConnect

At the moment, practically all the companies count on their own website, independent of the fact that its activity turns or not around Internet. Clear that so that a website works and offers a good experience to the users, it is important to know how how to make webpages. Next some advice are going to consider.

How to make a webpage

  1. Image name brand: the first a to consider with respect to advice to make a webpage is that this one must reflect of a faithful way the image name brand of the company.
  2. Clean interface: it is important that the design of the website is simplest possible by two reasons. First of all, if you introduce in the site many heavy elements, the time of load of the same increases; and this is something that Google penalizes. And, secondly, the users can feel overwhelmed when arriving at a website of this type.
  3. Navigability: one of the best advice to make a webpage is to consider the three rule of clicks. The users must be able to accede to any site of the page with a three maximum of clicks. Therefore, better to forget to create a too complex structure.
  4. Text easy to read: by all means, the users must be able to read the content that is in the site of simple way. For it, it is important to consider the colors, the type of source and the size of the same.
  5. Content multimedia: at the moment, the video is the content stars in Internet; often the users prefer to see a video on a certain subject in a pair of minutes that to lose ten minutes reading a text. Therefore, a point to consider in the design of the website is to introduce archives multimedia; always in its measured joust, by all means.
  6. Contact: in a corporative website, he is indispensable to maintain the up-to-date page of contact. In the same the physical address of the company, as well as a phone number must be and an email address.
  7. Social networks: to day of today, the social networks have an enormous power in the digital world. If you wonder yourself how to make a successful webpage, to dedicate a section to the social networks is indispensable. This way, you will create traffic from the own page towards the different profiles.
  8. Commentaries: also it is a good idea to add a section in which the clients can leave their commentaries. In addition to showing an image of transparent company, it will come to you very well to know more near your objective public and to know which are weak strength and of the company from their point of view.
  9. Design responsive: at the moment it is requisite indispensable that a website has a design responsive, that is to say, design adapted to the mobile phones and tablets. It is not a mere whim; Google penalizes to those websites that do not fulfill this type of design.
  10. Security: and, finally, the security, one of the most important points. He is very recommendable to bet by the hiring of some service of security for the website. For example, certificate SSL; a general protocol to make of the website safe means, in which the clients can send information with total tranquillity.

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