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How to migrate a domain step by step

To migrate a domain - BrcastConnect

As much companies as particular have seen in some occasion the necessity to change of domain. In the case of a company, it can happen that with the passage of the years this has decided to diversify its business and, therefore, the domain name no longer is representative.

To migrate a domain raises a series of questions: what will happen to the pages indexed in finders as Google? It is necessary to eliminate the duplicated pages? Then, next, we are going to throw something of light on the subject and to explain how to realise the migration of a domain step by step.

To transfer a domain step by step

Backup copy

The fundamental first step is to realise a backup copy to put all the data out of danger. There are several ways to realise a backup copy, but one of simplest is using plugin of WordPress. If you have the site updated to the last version of WordPress, also you can export the data from the Control Panel by means of the menu.

Purchase again domain and hosting

Once realised the backup copy, the following step is to acquire the new domain and hosting. The ideal is to have both in the same supplier; this way, it turns out simpler to realise the DNS configuration later.

Restoration of the website

When you have bought the new domain, as well as hosting, is the moment for starting up the new site. If beams use of a CMS as for example WordPress, the best thing is than you install the application in your hosting and form the domain directly so that the new site works correctly. Then, simply you must concern the backup copy that you have realised in the first step.

It realises a redirection 301

The last passage in the process of transfer of hosting is to realise a redirection 301; this way, all the URL is redirected of automatic way to the new site. From WordPress he is very simple; simply you must install plugin SEO Redirect 301.

Also you can do it from your account FTP; generally, this file usually is hidden, so that you will have to activate the option €œto show hidden files€. It is enough with making a backup copy, unloading it and to redirect the pages of the following way: Redirect 301 /antiguo-directorio/ www. mipagina. com/new-directory

This step is key so that there are not pages duplicated with other domains. We remember that seeking as Google penalizes with hardness the duplication.

As you can verify, the process to migrate from a domain to another one is very simple, mainly if you use a CMS as WordPress. However, it is important that you follow the passages in perfect order. Otherwise, all the information lodged in the old website or blog could erase.

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