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3 plugins of contact for WordPress

Plugins of contact for WordPress - BrcastConnect

WordPress is the used CMS worldwide more; esteem that 25% of the websites is created with this platform. In the case of Spain, this percentage is still greater; around 60% of the websites created with some type of CMS, they have been conceived with WordPress. In absolute terms, there are more than 75 million websites created with this CMS at global level.

Whether one is a corporative website as personnel, the contact form is an element that is worth the trouble to introduce. This way, it is invited to that the user can ask for information to the company.

Shelp this, we told you which are some of best plugins of WordPress contact.

WordPress Contact Form


WPForms has a gratuitous version and another one of payment. The version free is known as WPForms Lite and its main advantage is that it offers an interface very simple and easy to handle; a series of fields that you can drag to be forming the form based on your needs and preferences.

However, also it presents a small disadvantage, and it is that the personalisation options are very limited.

Thus, WPForms Lite is a wonderful option for personal blogs and small websites.

Fast Secure Contact Form

Plugin gratuitous WordPress contact with which it turns out very simple to generate forms. In addition, he is one of the few that allow to block the Spam messages, which is a great point to favor to consider.

Contact form especially thought for corporative websites since it allows the creation of very professional forms. Once the users complete the form, this it is possible to be sent to one or of mail two-way traffic different. In addition, in the form of contact created with Fast Secure Contact Form, the users can also enclose archives.

Pirate Forms

Another one plugin of WordPress contact. The interface is very intuitive, so that it is thought for all type of users. The forms are very simple, thought for particular users or small companies. A good option to create a form of contact of fast and simple way.

At the time of creating a form of contact in WordPress there is a series of fields that are due to include: name, company (in almost of a corporative website), email, phone number (optional) and message.

Once defined the fields of the form, you must think where you want that it appears this in the website: main page or page of contact. In addition, it agrees to form a message of confirmation indicating to the users that correctly the form has been sent; also an error message in case it happens any kind of problem.

These are all the tips that there is to consider to create a WordPress contact form.

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