Registry and transfer of domains

.com 7,95‚¬ .es 6,95‚¬ .com .es 4,95‚¬ .net 9,95‚¬ .eu 9,95‚¬ .info 9,95‚¬ .cat 32,95‚¬ .online 24,95‚¬

Registry and transfer of domains

.com 7,95‚¬ .es 7,95‚¬ .com .es 4,95‚¬ .net 9,95‚¬ .eu 9,95‚¬ .info 9,95‚¬ .cat 32,95‚¬ .online 24,95‚¬

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TLD Registry Transfer Renovation WHOIS Management DNS
.com 7,95‚¬ 7,95‚¬ 9,95‚¬
.es 6,95‚¬ 0‚¬ 8,95‚¬
.net 9,95‚¬ 9,95‚¬ 9,95‚¬
.org 11,95‚¬ 11,95‚¬ 11,95‚¬
.cat 8,50‚¬ 22,95‚¬ 22,95‚¬

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What is a domain?
A domain is a set of characters or name that serve to identify of comfortable and simple form in Internet the name of brands, companies, associations, or even particular people. The domain is considered as something only reason why two interested (people, companies or organizations) will not be able to have the same name with the same extension or TLD. The domains are formed by the chosen name (domain) followed of a point €œ.€ and the extension name (com, net, info, org, are, etc.).
What are the contacts of a domain?
The contacts of a domain are made contact in the registry of the domain for the management, identification, renovation or other communications on the part of the organisms responsible for the registry of domains. Between the different types from domain contacts we were with: - To title: she is the person or propietary company of the domain. The coownership of the domains is not allowed. To the being the owner of the domain is the person in charge of the use that takes control of this one. - Administrative: he is the one in charge of the management of the domain. This contact is necessary in cases as those of transference of the domain. - Technician: she is the person of contact for any incidence or technical subject concerning the domain. - Invoicing: it is the contact of reference for the collection of the domain, management of invoices€¦
What contact or data appears in the information of a domain?
Information WHOIS of each domain shows the following data of all the types of contacts (to title of the domain, administrative contact, technical contact and contact of invoicing). The data that are in the WHOIS of the domains are: - The name of the domain - the DNS - Date of original creation of the registry - Date of victory of the registry - Name and mailing dress of the Registrante - Name and mailing dress of the Technical Contact - Name and mailing dress of the Administrative Contact - Been of the Domain the client have freedom to change or to modify the content of these data or to hide them with the hiring of WHOIS Privacy if it wants to safeguard these data except in the territorial extensions, where it is not allowed to hide this information.
What are the DNS?
The system of domain name (of English Domain Name System €“ DNS) is the registries pertaining to a certain domain for the management of the services or subdomains associated to this. In other words, it is the allocation of a name to a direction IP, which long ago simpler to be able to accede to a servant. The DNS are vitally important so that a domain correctly solves against all the services contracted in a lodging Web (Web, access to administration panel, mail, FTP€¦)
I have a domain with another supplier how I transfer that domain?
If you have registered a domain with another one can transfer it with us to benefit from all our advantages. It is important that you consider that the domains .es maintain the same date of renovation or original lapsing, but the generic domains at the time of the transfer renew automatically by a year more. That is to say, if its domain renewed in December of the 2017, one will renew until December of 2018. Steps to follow to renew a domain: </br> 1 - the transference of the domain Solicits Introduces the domain that you wish to transfer to BrcastConnect in the box, selecting the eyelash €œTransfer of domains€. You must have the AuthCode (an authorization code necessary to authenticate itself as managers of the domain) to be able to realise the transference. This code it will have to provide the present supplier. In addition, to be able to make the request the domain will have to satisfy certain requirements. You can consult the requirements necessary to ask for a transference in our Center of Support. 2 Confirma the transference You must confirm the transference to correctly finalize the process through e-mail that receives the administrative contact of the domain (mail that appears in the WHOIS). In the case of not having access to this account of e-mail you must put to you with your present supplier in touch so that it puts an e-mail to which it has access. 3 Conclusion of the transference If everything is correct, the domain will move in a considered term of 5 to 7 days workable since the confirmation mail is accepted. We will send an e-mail to you to confirm the state of his transfer. You must consider that the data and Server Yam of the domain will not have modified.
The account of mail of the domain is not active, how I come?
In case the mail account that appears as contact is not active, to transfer a domain you must have the access data to the Control Panel of the present supplier and to modify the contact data there. Also you can ask for it in writing so that they come with the update. If the domain contact has disappeared or you do not have the data, contacts with us and we will study the measures that can be taken to carry out the recovery.
Account the registry of domains of BrcastConnect with support 24x7?
Yes. Whether you register or you transfer a single domain as if you bring with us a great volume of domains you will have attendance and technical support the 24 hours of the day the 7 days of the week.