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To know the data a domain


To know the data a domain is relatively simple in Internet. The certain thing is that it is a very habitual type search. Every day, million users anywhere in the world consult if a certain domain is free or it does not stop to be able to acquire it.

In Internet there is an ample fan of platforms that allow to consult the data regarding a domain keying their name and extension.

All the data of a domain are public by defect, as long as the proprietor of the same has not decided to hide them.

To hide the data of a domain is not absolutely something illegal; the great majority of cash registers offers this option paying a small extra amount.

WHOIS: what is and why it is used

WHOIS is the more popular public directory at the time of consulting information on a certain domain. The data that can be known about the same, as long as the information is public, are the following: proprietor (company or individual), recording company, date of creation, DNS, direction IP, country and number of different lodgings.

One of the main uses of this data base is closely tie with ciberataques. Many companies specialized in ciberseguridad make use of her to know who are the proprietors of some domains. A fast and simple way of investigation before computer science attacks in the network.

Advantages of the Private WHOIS

Therefore, WHOIS is a data base in which any user can have access to the information on a domain, as well as proprietor of the same. Then, in case the proprietor of the domain wishes to maintain the hidden data, Private WHOIS exists what is called.

When registering a domain is obligatory to contribute to a series of data of contact as the name or the city of residence. There are many users to whom he does not interest to them that this information is within reach of everybody. The main reason that takes to the proprietors of domains to hide the information is to avoid to be victims of any type of ciberataque.

Thus, the Private WHOIS allows the proprietors of a website to only show this information to those who they wish, without she is public.

The private WHOIS is more beneficial than the public WHOIS, especially in the corporative surroundings.

File of Internet

Another resource of great value at the time of knowing the data a domain. One is a NGO whose function is the one to store to data and screenshots of the websites. In order to know information regarding a coarse domain with introducing its name and its extension. In a matter of seconds, the File of Internet offers all the public content of this website throughout history.

The information that contributes is very basic, but sufficient for an operation of transaction. If a user is interested in the purchase of a certain domain, the File of Internet is a very useful resource. This way, it can verify for example if the website of that domain has published Spam at some time.

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