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Tricks SQL €“ To solve error of servant 18456


In main lines, SQL Server is a relational database management system of Microsoft specifically designed for the enterprise surroundings. The last version of the system was sent year 2016 the past. The main newness of the new version with respect to its predecessors is the processing in real time. This way, the users can realise operative analyses in real time and execute of fast and simple way their analytical processes. In addition, he allows to detect any type them of failure of security in real time without the yield is affected in minimum.

SQL Server error 18456

The SQL Server 18456 can be due to an ample fan of reasons. The name of the servant who has introduced the user is correct, but the connection with SQL Server cannot be established.

One of the main reasons that they give rise to the error of servant 18456 is that the authentication of mixed way is qualified; that is to say, that the user is trying to initiate session with the authentication of Windows. Before this error, the user must initiate session with his YOU GO and SQL password. Once he has acceded to the system, he must accede to €œSecurity€ and verify that its account of Directory Assets of Windows ties with its home of session SQL.

Other reasons of SQL Server error 18456

The message of error 18456 does not provide too much information on the cause by which session cannot be initiated. The main reason is the security.

  • Expired password: before this problem, the user must accede to the eyelash €œBeen€ to verify if its account is or not blocked.
  • Card of security: this error of SQL Server occurs when the user somehow modifies the authentication of the servant in way €œSQL Server and the authentication of Windows€ and has not reinitiated service SQL Server.
  • Login nonLocked: another one of the main reasons that gives rise to this error is that the authentication is not qualified in the own data base. In order to verify it, the user must accede to the properties of the data base.

SQL Server Errors

In order to increase the security, in the error message that is to them the users is the origin of the same. The states and the descriptions are the following in SQL Server.

  • 2: YOU GO of user is not valid for the home of session.
  • 5: YOU GO of introduced user is not valid.
  • 6: the user has tried to accede to SQL Server doing use of YOU GO of user of Windows.
  • 7: the password is incorrect, so that the home of session is deshabilitado.
  • 8: the introduced password is incorrect.
  • 9: the password that has been introduced is not valid.
  • 11: YOU GO of user and the password is valid, but an error of access to the servant has taken place.
  • 12: the home of session is valid, but an error of access to SQL Server has taken place.
  • 18: the user must change the password.

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