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What is the car park of domains?

that-be-the-car park-of-domains

Of main lines, the car park of domains consists of registering a domain in Internet, but one to which use does not occur him. The reasons for this operation can be many and very varied; there are companies that bet to have domains in car park for services as the e-mail, as investment for the future€¦ Really, to register a domain name without the website really works.

Why it serves the car park as domains?

Next we explained the main reasons to you for the companies to use a car park of domains.


Generally, the companies make use of the car park of domains with the aim of improving their organic positioning in finders as Google. We are going to explain this point with a simple example so that it is understood well.

We imagine a certain business that is dedicated to the rent of holiday apartments in forward edge of beach in Chiclana de la Frontera.

This business has realised a market study and has observed that the greater volume search Web concentrates in the words €œapartments chiclana beach€ and €œcheap apartments chiclana€. Then, the business of rent of apartments on the beach decides then to register the domains that contain those keywords and redirigidos both to the main page of its business. This way, when the users write in the finder keywords automatically appear in the website of the business.

To develop to a good strategy SEO is essential for the survival in the medium and long term of a company. In the case of Google, the main finder of the world, the first website in the results search concentrates 59.59% of the clicks, whereas only 3.41% of the users click in the fifth website.

Thus, the car park domains is an extraordinary option to take control of the exact words of interest for a determined business. Also there are companies with international presence that bet to buy the extensions of domain of those countries of their interest.

To reserve domain name

When a certain company, or an individual, has in mind a project online for means or length term, it is a good option to register the domain when he is available. Perhaps more ahead already it is occupied.


Another one of the main reasons of buying domains to create a car park is the investment to short, half or long term. There are companies that are dedicated to buy all type of domains and, when another company is interested in them, realises a sale of domains. This happens mainly to the domains premium.


Also there are people and companies that make use of the car park of domains to make profitable them. They register domains with key words that have a great volume of searches and place publicity in the websites.

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