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Commandos of Windows Server Core


Windows Server Core as an installation option can be defined that is available in the implementation of Windows Server 2008 and admits the installation of certain functions of servant.

The users of Windows Server Core can initiate the console of the client of OfficeScan and other tasks regarding the client at issue from the line of commandos of the system. Next we explained the commandos of Windows Server Core; in order to execute them he is enough with looking for the location of PccNTMon.exe.

Commandos of Windows Server Core

From BrcastConnect we do a list to you of commandos of Windows Server Core:


This commando is used in Windows Server Core to open the console of the client of OfficeScan.


A commando who allows to explore a certain folder of the equipment to verify if some type of risk exists. Really useful to verify that the archives of the folders are safe from any type of attack.  It is important to consider that does not allow to explore individual archives; only folders.

Therefore, the correct commando would have to be something as pccnt C:\Documentos; and not something as pccnt C:\Documentos\Clientes.doc.

pccntmon - r

This commando of Windows Server Core is used to open Real-Time Monitor.

pccntmon - v

He serves to open to a screen with a certain list of elements of the client and its respective versions.

pccntmon - u

A commando of Windows Server Core that allows to open a screen to come to the update manual from clients.

pccntmon - n

This commando opens a new window in the equipment with a certain password to unload a certain client. If it is not required of password for the unloading of this client, directly the process of unloading of OfficeScan begins.

pccntmon - m

A commando who opens an emergent window with a password to desinstalar to a certain client of OfficeScan. In case a password is not needed to come to its desinstalaci³n, the client will desinstalar¡ himself automatically of OfficeScan once executed this commando.

pccntmon - c

In the line of commandos he shows information on an ample fan of concepts. On the one hand, the exploration method, which can be of type Smart Scan or conventional Exploraci³n. On the other hand, the state of the landlord; it indicates if it is updated or if he is obsolete and needs to be updated. In addition, it indicates if the service of exploration in real time is active or inactive. Also if the clients are connected or no. and, finally, information regarding the services of reputation Web, which can be available or nonavailable.

pccntmon - h

Sometimes, the commandos of Windows Server Core can not be easy to remember. Then, executing this commando the users can see all the commandos available in the system.

Windows Server Core has an ample fan of commandos that is worth the trouble to consider to manage the functions of servant in relation to the client.

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