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5 September, 2017
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5 plugins of backup for WordPress


WordPress is at the moment the manager of used content more worldwide. Esteem that WordPress almost represents 24% of all the Webs that there are at global level and the platform is translated to a total of 51 languages.

To install backup copies is than recommendable more in case any type of incident happens, so that all the information stored in the platform is not lost. Next we have gathered the five main plugins backup WordPress. All of them are very simple to handle, apt for all type of users.

The 5 better plugins of backup copy in WordPress

Backwpup Free

This backup is WordPress plugin more well-known of all and the one that use the great majority of websites developed with WordPress. It contributes an ample fan of advantages that is worth the trouble to consider very. On the one hand, it realises backup copies of totally automatic way; this way, the users do not have to be permanently alert. And, on the other hand, he raises also of automatic form realised backup copies external servers as FTP.

In addition, he is plugin very simple to handle, which makes of him an extraordinary option for everybody.

Backup for Guard WordPress

He is one of best plugins of backup copies of WordPress. Account with a gratuitous version that allows to realise local backup copies, although is necessary to raise them of form manual the servers. The Premium version, of payment, offers the advantage of which the backup copies rise automatically and, in addition, the users have the option to program them.

My WP Backup

Plugin WordPress for backup copies that create copies of the archives and the data base in format zip and automatically raises them external servers as FTP or Google Drive. The main advantages that contribute to the users are that it guarantees a certain space of ram memory and, in addition, that the users can unload backup copies.

Gam DB Backup

As its own name indicates, he is plugin of WordPress that is used to make backup copies of the data base of the platform. One of its main advantages is that it allows to program backup copies so that these are realised once in a while of automatic way. Clear that also it has a disadvantage and it is that it does not allow to raise backup copies external servers.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Plugin 100% recommendable one for the users of Dropbox. Its operation is something different from the rest of plugins backup of WordPress.

The rest of plugins that is used to make backup copies of the platform compresses all the archives stored in the website and, later, whenever plugins allows it, these rise an external servant. However, WordPress Backup to Dropbox automatically raises the associate account of Dropbox backup copies of the different archives whenever one of them modifies.

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