The only plan that includes Web to you + professional mail with technical support 24x7. It creates your Web in only 5 steps. It chooses and it personalizes one of the hundreds of groups available. You will obtain a professional and adapted design to mobiles. Your Web and mail with the expert and competitive aspect that you need.




1 Website

Limitless space

Limitless traffic

Limitless mailboxes

Support 24x7


1 Domain

Certificate Let's Encrypt

Your professional Web without complications and with support 24x7

It creates your own webpages of simple, fast form and with a completely professional aspect. Without needing knowledge of programming and graphical design, thanks to the visual publisher and to the hundreds of groups available, in only 5 steps, of comfortable and simple form, you will have list your personal or enterprise Web. It selects the group or the design that better adapts to your project, modifies colors, adds texts, images, functionalities€¦ In some minutes your Web will be ready to publish itself.

It throws a look to the video and verifies the easy thing that it is to create your own Web.


Publication in 1 click

It creates your professional Web in only 5 steps and without knowledge of programming. It publishes the content easily and as if a game of blocks one was. It publishes in a 1 click and beam that your Web is accessible to the users in a matter of seconds. It creates and it modifies whichever times you need!

Mailboxes of mail including

It creates your email addresses with the name of your domain and takes advantage of the mailboxes mail of 6 GB. The communication via professional email that you need. It accedes to your accounts from the Web, mail managers (Outlook, Operates Mail, Thunderbird€¦) or from movable devices and tablets.

Professional design

The publishing Web of BrcastConnect counts with hundreds of highly personalizables groups of professional aspect so that you create the website that your business needs. It adds logo and images, it changes colors, it modifies elements€¦ Your Web will be unique between all of the sector.

It lies down Online

The publishing Web of BrcastConnect allows you to turn of easy way your webpage into ecommerce thanks to its gallery of products and the modules including adapting to the main footbridges of payment of the market. The success of your business in Internet in less than what you would have thought.

M³dulos and RR.SS

The publishing Web of BrcastConnect includes multitude of modules so that you integrate in your Web profiles of social networks, blog, forum, forms of contact, book of visits, videos, gallery of photos, votings, reader RSS, customized Script, and map of location of your business.

Adapted to mobiles

The designs of the publishing Web of BrcastConnect are optimized for movable devices. Thanks to the groups responsive your Web will automatically adapt to movable devices and tablets without you must form nothing in your site or Control Panel.


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Disc space








Number of domains


Management DNS



Lists of mail






Alias of mail



Other Services

Statistics of the site

30 days of guarantee

Technical support 24x7

Telephone, chat and ticket

Ips Dedicated

2 ‚¬/mes

Certificates SSL

from 25 ‚¬/a±o

It completes your Web


The safe Webs are those that sell more. It offers security with a certificate SSL



The best solution before any attack or dehorns. It recovers everything in 1 click



The most direct and personal communication with your clients. Always informed!



Your office is where it wants that you are. With Office 365 there are no barriers for your business



What knowledge of programming I need?
None! In order to make your own Web with the plans of BrcastConnect you do not need to have knowledge in programming. Thanks to the super manager easy to use of BrcastConnect you will be able to create your webpage of completely professional aspect as if a game one was. The interface of the manager allows to realise a Web of simple way in a few steps. It includes images, it modifies the format of the text, adds to social networks or any other functionality in a few minutes thanks to the system €œdrag and drops€ (to drag & to drop) of BrcastConnect.
What type of plan is the appropriate one for me?
Before pouring off you by some of our plans you must know the needs your project. With the plan Standard you will be able to realise 1 website, ideal for personal projects or corporative Webs of independent small businesses or that need and want to have their space in Internet. With the Professional plan you will be able to create up to 5 websites in a same lodging. Indicated for those companies that need to own more of a site in Internet. The Premium plan includes up to 10 sites, ideal for those companies that have several websites or for those professionals who manage several projects simultaneously.
I can create a store with these plans?
Clear that yes! With the manager of webpages of BrcastConnect not only you will be able to create informative webpages but also your own e-commerce so that you operate the facet the more online of your business in Internet. If the electronic commerce seemed to you something complicated with the manager of webpages and stores online of BrcastConnect you will verify that very simple to prevail in the network.
When it will be able turns my published Web?
Immediately. At the moment in which you finish personalizing your Web and you select the button and to publish this one will be published, visible and accessible for all the users of Internet.
The Web, he is compatible with analytical Web?
By all means that yes. Your webpage not only will be compatible with applications of third parties stops of analytical Web Google Analytics type, but also it counts on his own data summary so that you do not lose details of all the visits that are realised to your Web.
Need does the Web a certificate SSL?
He is not obligatory, but very recommendable. With a certificate SSL not only you will be protecting your data and the interaction that you do with your own website, but protect the interaction and the information of your users, something extremely important and forced by Statutory law of Protection of Data. In addition, with a certificate SSL, your Web it will improve the positioning in the results of the finders The reason? Google shows as uncertain all those Webs that purchase or identification process has and do not own security certificate. It increases your conversions with a certificate SSL thanks to the fact that the users will verify that your Web is safe and their data are protected. At present the consumers online more and more are brought back to consciousness of the important thing that he is to make transactions online in a safe Web and with guarantees.
Have support does 24x7 the Publishing plan Web?
, Yes clear that yes. With the Publishing Web of BrcastConnect, as with the rest of our services you have of technical support the 24 hours the day, the 7 days of the week. By telephone, chat or ticket.
*Espacio limitless in disc. In order to guarantee an optimal service to our clients, as safety measure, the initial space is limited 50 GB, space that will be extended automatically without cost some. You can consult the general conditions of limitless space here.

** Domains free. Registry of domain free for new hirings in annual or biennial modality. Maximum cost of the domain 9,99‚¬ (imposed not including).