Types of domains

Types of domains

Types of domains

The domains can be categorisen in 3 great types: Generic domains (geopraphical Top Level Domain - gTLD), Territorial Domains (country code Top Level Domain - ccTLD) and Domains of Third Level (own of activities or sectors of knowledge).

Generic domains

The Generic Domains (geopraphical Top Level Domain - gTLD) are used and registered anywhere in the world. Its popularity is in which they were the first domains in being accessible to the public. By general norm, the generic domains do not present special requirements to be able to be contracted.

Some of the more common generic domains are .com (commercial), .net (network), .org (organization), .info (information) and .pro (profession).

Territorial domains

The Territorial Domains (country code Top Level Domain - ccTLD) are representative of each country, province or territory.

The own extension of domain of Spain is .es, the one of Germany .de, the one of Catalonia .cat and the one of Europe .eu.

The habitual thing is that any user can register domains of any place, but is certain well that in each country a specific norm for the registry of its extensions of domains exists. If you have doubts with some in particular you do not doubt in consulting to us directly, we will indicate the proceedings and requirements to you to realise the domain registry.

Domains of Third Level

The domains of third level are representative of sectors or professions, leisure, thematic€¦ These extensions of domains represent a true revolution in the world of Marketing online and the positioning Web. The new domains can help to represent or to define the projects Web, or are of personal businesses or websites.

Some domains of third level with greater demand are .tel, .tv, .shop, .mobi, .abogado, .app, .gratis, .hotel. games€¦

Multilingual domains

A type of called domain exists Multilingual, denominated IDN (Internationalized domain yams). These internationalized names of domain are those that contain the special characters: to,  , and, ¨, i, ¯, either, ², or, ¼, n, § and l€¢l.

These characters are accepted by the extension .es as well as by the majority of generic domains.

The use of these domains as main domain by the incompatibility is not recommendable that can present with certain navigators or servers.